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Donations provide foster youth and marginalized children with the tools to live out God’s intended purpose for their lives

Empowering at-risk and foster children to find hope and joy through creative opportunities and positive connections with others.

Come experience why Good Dirt Collective exists and how we plan to accomplish our mission.


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9400 Rd 36
Madera, CA 93636


To mobilize a movement of compassion for foster youth and the marginalized of our community to provide them with healing, hope, and a promising future.


To restore hope and joy to foster youth and the marginalized, empowering them to be who God intended them to be.


Good Dirt Collective is committed to raising community awareness, moving people to action, building deeper relationships, healing the hurting, and equipping every person with the tools to live out God’s intended purpose for their lives.

Why Good Dirt Collective Exists


Half of all foster homes close within the first year.

Thousands of youth age-out of California's foster care system per year, with no place to call home.


A third of aged-out youth have been in three or more foster care placements.


Less than half of the children in California's foster care system will be adopted.


Just over half of the youth in foster care graduate high school - many with an equivalency diploma.

Ongoing Impact

Children Received Free Pottery Classes

Victims Of Sex Trafficking Received Weekly Art Therapy Classes

At-Risk Youth Gained Work Experience Through Internships At Good Dirt Pottery Studio

Children Have Been Adopted/Fostered By Good Dirt Co. Leadership

People Have Been Invited To Engage In Foster Care And Adoption

Foster Family Was Given A Free Studio Membership

New Foster Parents Were Created And Have Opened Their Home

Dollars Invested To Date To Provide Experiences Of Hope For Foster Kids

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

We gladly welcome you to visit, call, or email us to learn more about Good Dirt Collective and the work which helps at-risk children find hope and meaning through the art of clay

Good Dirt Collective is a non-profit 501c3 community benefit organization.

All financial gifts are tax deductible.

EIN#  88-3765045

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